THE JOHN BUCHAN STORY Peebles, Scottish Borders


“Hail to Priorsford” - Now published and Available! Hail to Priorsford is not an autobiography of Anna Buchan but a collection of writings by three people, Deborah Stewartby, Andrena Telford and Shirley Neilson. They each have different styles and the writings overlap and sometimes contradict each other; but the authors share a commonality – a deep interest and delight in Anna’s life and writings. Furthermore, each thinks Anna’s books deserve a wider audience and hope these contributions will bring new readers to Anna’s books and recognise her importance in the life, not only of the town of Peebles, but of her brother, John Buchan. To take a peek at the booklet, please click on Hail to Priorsford link. The prices are £7.50 (+ £2.00 postage) for the paper book and £4.50 for the downloadable e-book. To place your order please click on BOOK and you will be directed to the SumUp shop.
Broughton Horticultural Show 26 August 2023 JOHN BUCHAN WRITING PRIZE WINNERS
From a large number of entries, on Saturday afternoon the judges picked two winners, 8-year old Andrew McCosh and 11-year old Darcy Short of Broughton Primary School. Congratulations to you both from everyone at the John Buchan Story in Peebles. The extract from John Buchan’s The Island of Sheep, first published 1936 and chosen by Peter Thackeray, is: ‘A human figure was sliding down a rope from the deck, and he saw that it was Anna, coming down hand over hand as lightly as a squirrel. She saw him, dropped into the second kayak, and reached for the paddle. All was done as noiselessly as in a dream. There was a helper on the deck above, for the taut rope was dropped after her and swished gently into the water. Anna seized her paddle, and with a slow, stealthy stroke sent her kayak out into the golden haze.’
ITV BORDER - Border Life Programme The John Buchan Story Museum, Stobo Kirk and the John Buchan Way are all in this feature from ITV Border, screened a couple of weeks ago. Please click here for the link to view the programme.